My photography started way back in the film days, first as a hobby for 5 years and then I finally got to work in the industry in 1980. I went freelance in 1985 and set up my first studio in 1989.

I was mainly involved in food, food packing and products as a commercial/advertising photographer.

Many years later I found I was photographing most subject matter on a white background to be either cutout or the graphic designers would do the create bit themselves.

I remember when I was shooting film, mainly 5' x 4' transparencies, at the end of every month I would go through the spares and pick out ones to have prints made to go on the studio wall.

Once I went digital and more and more of the creative process was carried out by the designers I had nothing at the end of the month to print and put on the wall.

So I decided to start shooting for myself and produce images that I would like to print and show on the wall for my own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

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